Multimedia is a term so general as to be almost meaningless. But "you'll know it when you see it" describes our philosophy of using the visual to explain complex ideas. Characterized by non-linear or branching structures, our CD-ROMs, kiosks and web site designs empower the viewer in a way no passive or linear presentation can.

Seale Studios' multimedia services include:

  • Web site design, development & hosting from
    basic informational sites to fully database driven sites
  • E-Commerce web sites
  • ColdFusion programming
  • Web-based membership directories and management tools to
    enable your website to help you manage customer relationships
  • Tradeshow banners, graphics and kiosks
  • Interactive "touch-screen" kiosks
  • Complete multimedia presentations
  • Custom PowerPoint™ presentations
  • CDROM design & development
  • 2D/3D Illustration/Animation for print/digital media

Client: Sundance Square Leasing Management & Tony Landrum, LLC
Project: Sanguinet / Bank One Building Leasing CDROM
Description: This CDROM presentation contains a virtual "walking" tour of downtown Fort Worth, Texas as well as a virtual tour of a new, "wired" office building for potential tenants to explore. The tour features a unique interactive visual combining computer graphics and panoramic photography to show a 360° view from the fifth floor of a building that doesn't even exist yet!
Client: Neiman Marcus Planning
Project: Retail Space Coordinator CDROM
Description: This virtual archive of Neiman Marcus stores will be used by internal store planners to view 360° panoramic images, linked to clickable floorplans, of existing stores for comparisons and planning. This single CDROM will replace the stacks of binders and loose photographs that were previously required for this process.
Client: The Rock Art Foundation
Project: Rock Art of the Lower Pecos CDROM
Description: This CDROM features beautiful 360° views of rock art sites linked from a clickable map as well as an archeological record of over 200 photographs organized by period, style and location. Users can zoom in and out of the photos to see details. Each photograph is accompanied by a descriptive essay complete with hyperlinks which automatically zoom in on important areas when clicked.
Client: Herman Miller
Project: Virtual Tour CD-ROM
Description: A virtual tour CD-ROM showcasing the Minneapolis showroom of the world famous furniture design firm. Innovative visual tools were used to demonstrate the design resources as well as the product line for Herman Miller.
Client: Cencor Urban, Post Properties & The Weitzman Group
Project: The Triangle (Triangle Park, Austin) CDROM
Description: A pre-construction visualization of a proposed business & residential park. Before and After Flyarounds and Panoramas were used to demonstrate the Urban Village concept for land planners and city zoning boards.
Client: Growth Partners & Taylor-West Advertising
Project: MindSearch Interactive Survey Kiosks
Description: Interactive Kiosk software to mine the purchasing attitudes of shoppers in malls. This prototype software was used successfully to survey shoppers about their demographics and shopping preferences while subtly advertising a clients products and services.
Client: Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Project: Microbes Online Virtual Tour
Description: BBH Exhibits designs and builds interactive museum shows. Seale Studios created a website to showcase the exhibit now traveling the country.
Client: Bradford Lawton Design
Project: Ecumenical Center Logo Animation (Requires QuickTime 7)
Description: A falling leaf animation that resolves into the Center's new logo

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