Client: Neiman Marcus Planning
: Retail Space Coordinator CDROM

This virtual archive of Neiman Marcus stores will be used by internal store planners to view 360° panoramic images, linked to clickable floorplans, of existing stores for comparisons and planning. This single CDROM will replace the stacks of binders and loose photographs that were previously required for this process.

Neiman Marcus Planning personnel can select a specific store from a list on the main menu. From there, they can view large floor plans with a smaller VR window on the right side.

Once the proper area has been located, viewers can switch to the second viewing mode which gives them a larger VR viewing window. Viewers can zoom in on architectural details and see precisely how a particular store is put together.

Neiman Marcus can use this information to coordinate store designs so that they remain consistent with each other.

The CDROM is modular to allow new stores to be added and existing stores to be revised if needed.



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