Client: The Rock Art Foundation
Project: Rock Art of the Lower Pecos CDROM

This CDROM contains a database of over 200 Rock Art images. The images can be browsed from a zoomable, clickable timeline that shows how the various styles of paintings coincided with important events in New World and Old World history from the Great Pyramids to the American Civil War.

In addition to the timeline, we created a zoomable, interactive map of the Lower Pecos Region with important sites that reveal their names when you roll the mouse over them. Clicking one of them takes you to a 360° photograph which is further linked to closeup images of paintings so viewers can see more detail.

Each of the 200+ closeup images are zoomable and are presented with expert commentary provided by archeologist Solveig A. Turpin, Ph.D. We included hypertext links in Dr. Turpin's text that, when clicked, zoom in on whatever element of the painting the text is currently describing.

We also included clickable links to the Rock Art Foundation website as well as websites for parks that offer tours of specific areas.

This CDROM can be purchased from the Rock Art Foundation.



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