Client: Sundance Square Leasing & Tony Landrum, LLC
Project: Sanguinet / Bank One Building Leasing CDROM

Viewers can take a tour of the interior of the Sanguinet Building and see what the lobby will look like and also what the fifth floor will look like complete with the actual view that will be visible when the building is finished.



We also created an interactive walking tour of Sundance Square to give potential tenants a chance to get to know the neighborhood and find out where hotels, restaurants and retail establishments are located in proximity to the Sanguinet Building. A few key locations are named specifically and we also included an interactive Flyaround (a non-linear animation) of the Sundance Square area where users can get a bird's eye view of downtown.

Viewers have access to interactive floor plans that give them specific information about any part of the building just by pointing with their mouse.

Along with the standard contact information, there are also links to their website and a printable PDF version of their printed leasing brochure.

Contact Jack Palmer to request a copy of this CDROM.



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